Are you in charge of your own business? Do you know the importance of keeping your employees or tenants safe? PAT testing is a quick and easy process to ensure your business’ appliances are safe for both your employees and visitors. If you need to get your electrical appliances checked, then Intolec in Warwickshire can help. We are your trusted and reliable experts of PAT testing in Warwickshire.

What is PAT Testing?

PAT Testing formally known as Portable Appliance Testing is a visual and electronical test which involves the checking of the safety of the appliances in your building or rented property. It is essential for Landlords and business owners to carry out regular PAT testing to ensure the safety of the equipment being used. During the test, an electrician will check the overall condition of an appliance and make sure there are no visual defects. Following that, they will do an inject test to check the appliances integrity. On completion, an electrician will let you know if the appliances are safe or need replacing.

What Needs PAT testing?

Anything which is electrical and is plugged into a socket to receive power should be tested during a PAT Test. This includes large appliances such as fridge-freezers and computers all the way down to small appliances such as an office fan. 

Most commonly tested appliances include:

-    Photocopiers
-    Laptops & Computers
-    Radio
-    Televisions
-    Power tools
-    lamps
-    Kitchen appliances: microwave, toaster, kettle, fridges

How Often Should a PAT Test be Carried Out?

There is no set rule for how often PAT testing should be carried out but sticking to a regular annual inspection will limit the risk of dangers around appliances in your building. This shows to your employees that you are committed to providing a level of care and safety within your business.

If you are a landlord, it is important to carry out PAT testing before your new tenants move in and you must also keep up with regular checks to ensure the tenants safety. 

Is PAT testing a Legal Requirement?

Although PAT testing is not a legal requirement, companies and landlords are still in charge of the health and safety of tenants and employees. The best way at reducing the risk of electrical dangers from electrical appliances is to carry out regular PAT testing inspections. 

Who Can Carry out PAT Testing in Warwickshire?

The best person to carry out PAT testing is a qualified and registered electrician. They have the skills and understanding of electrical faults and can safely eliminate dangers from your premises. A trained electrician will have the appropriate equipment for PAT testing and will be able to perform a quick and easy inspection. 

Trusted electrician for PAT Testing in Warwickshire

If you need your appliances PAT tested, then look no further than Intolec. I am your local, NAPIT registered electrician in Warwickshire who can easily perform your PAT testing inspection requirements. Call me today to book in your PAT testing or if you want more information.