Outdoor lighting is a popular option for adding style to your home or garden whilst also providing security to your property. It can be used to enhance key features such as flower beds and potted plants or even provide a relaxing area to extend your garden enjoyment into the evening. However you choose to enjoy your outdoor lighting, it is important to get it professionally designed and installed. Intolec are your local outdoor lighting design and installation electricians in Warwickshire. We can work together to create the perfect design and style to fit your outdoor living space. Bring your garden to life with outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Design

There are many options for how you can add lighting to your outdoor living space. Options range from motion sensor security lights to highlighting decorative features. Outdoor lighting can transform an outdoor area in many ways. Below are some examples of the type of lighting you can add to your home:

House Uplighting – This is where lighting fixtures are placed in the ground, directing upwards to illuminate your home, highlighting architectural features. This can enhance your properties appeal and increases the safety and security of your property.

House Downlights – Shining down from your house fascia, downlights also highlight architectural features and enhance your properties appeal.

Driveway Lighting – These are installed to illuminate your driveway. This can help you when parking your car on a dark night and will also guide you to your door safely.

Path Lighting – Its primary purpose is to increase the visibility along the path and provides a clear view of any obstructions along the way. This helps prevent accidents and injuries all while adding personality to your home.

Security Lighting – There are many security lighting options available. Motion sensor, pre-set or floodlights are some of the options available. Security lighting is recommended to install to your home to help deter intruders and can also scare away unwanted pests.

Feature Lights – You can install feature lights to highlight parts of your garden to enjoy. This could be plants, trees or sculptures and more. Installing feature lights helps enhance the beauty of your garden.

Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation in Warwickshire

If outdoor lighting is something you are looking to add to your Warwickshire Garden, then it is essential to speak with a qualified electrician about the design and installation. Outdoor electrical installation can be tricky if you’re inexperienced. Using a trained professional to install your outdoor lighting systems stops the risks of electrical danger. A fully qualified and insured electrician will be able to provide an electrical installation certificate to certify the work has been completed to currently regulatory standards. 

If you have an idea of how you want to illuminate your outdoor space, Intolec would love to help bring your design to life. Fully qualified and NAPIT approved so you can be assured your electrical installations will be handled with care. I am your outdoor lighting design and installation specialist in Warwickshire. Contact me today.