When choosing a solar panel installer it is important to check an electrician’s experience, qualifications, and quality of their work. Not all electricians are experts in solar panel installations and with the complexity of the job, you’d rather be sure they were competent. Checking an electrician’s website can provide you with more information of their reputation and certification. This can assure you that you’re choosing the right professional for the job. If you need a qualified electrician for your solar panel installation in Warwickshire, Intolec is your fully qualified and reliable installer.

Why Choose Solar Panels for your Warwickshire Home?

Homeowners who convert to solar energy are at an advantage of reducing their carbon footprint while saving money on their energy bills. It is even possible to sell excess energy to the grid, making a small profit. If you decided you want to hold on to the extra energy generated for cloudy days or dark nights when your panels aren’t generating power, then an installation of a solar battery will store generated energy for later use. This can be included with your initial installation or added at a later date. 

Will My Home Benefit from Solar Panels?

Before going ahead with a solar panel installation there are some things you should consider first to make sure it’s functional for your home. 

1.    How much space does your roof have for solar panels?
2.    Which direction does your roof face and how much sun it gets?
3.    Does your roof have a slope?
4.    Is your roof shaded by trees or structures?

If you’re unsure whether your home will benefit from solar panels or not, then speak with an expert who can offer more advice before the installation. 

Choosing a Solar Panel Installer

Unfortunately, it’s too often that electricians receive call outs for sub-optimal solar panels.  Solar panels are considered a low maintenance appliance once installed which raises questions as to why so many are failing. On inspection, it’s often discovered that the solar panels were poorly installed which is why they don’t achieve their full potential. This could be due to some people installing their solar panels themselves or using an untrustworthy electrician who offers highly discounted rates. For these customers, they end up spending more in the long run paying for the repairs and wasting time calling out different electricians. Taking the time to choose a reputable installer up front will ensure a successful and efficient solar panel installation and save you from later expenses if things go wrong.

Solar Panel Installer in Warwickshire

Intolec is your local, trusted solar panel expert in Warwickshire. I have the appropriate qualifications and am fully insured, offering you a safe and trustworthy installation. It is strongly advised to never install your own electrics. Electrics can be dangerous, and you may cause harm to yourself or another if you don’t have the knowledge and experience. If you’re thinking of installing solar panels to your home, then contact me today. I can offer you a free no obligation quote for your project.